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YMonday, December 20, 2010' 8:45 AM

Order Form

Mobile No.:
Items: (please include another colour or item in case of OOS)
Mode of Payment: Meetup
Mode Of Collection: Meetup

*Do note that only Meetups are available. Please refer to T&C before buying.

Y' 6:54 AM

Hey guys!

This is a very new and young blogshop! We have very little exprerience, so please support us!
I know it's kinda late to have a Xmas sale now, so!... Look forward the annually NEW YEAR SPECIAL!

We might not have many items on sale now but wait! You might have a surprise later on!
"Good things happen to those who wait." as so i'm told by Mother Gothel of Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale.

We will be adding more items by X'mas day. Let you have a little sneak peek first!! We will be selling GEO lenses, and it's hell cheap, plus it's gonna be the NYS, so the price would be reduced! Can you imagine that?! This is only one of the items that are gonna be added! Any Lady Gaga fans here? I'm sure you LOVE Lady Gaga! Now you can listen to her sing in these HQ LADY GAGA EARPIECE! But you don't need to be gaga to have these gaga earpiece!! If you can't get enough of Starbucks, you can have your Starbucks raglan! Walk into Starbucks with your Starbucks raglan! Be proud to be a Starbuckian! Ok, that's all for a little sneak peek! More items coming your way!~

Stay tuned!


*All items are preorders unless stated.

Y' 6:08 AM

Boyfriend Tee
Colours available:
Light Blue
Light Pink
Normal Pink
Hot Pink
Red Checkered
Blue Checkered

Boyfriend Tee (Heart)
White base with Black, Pink & Grey hearts
White base with Pink, Light Blue & Dark Blue hearts
White base with Red, Pink & Grey hearts
White base with Yellow, Pink & Red hearts
$14 each
$26 for 2

Free size!

Y' 6:02 AM

Free Size
Shoulder: 38cm
Sleeve: 19cm
Materials: Blended fabric
$15 each

Y' 5:57 AM

Only available in light denim
$22 each

Y' 5:50 AM

M)phosis Tote
Hotpink transparent
Black Transparent
White Transparent
Hotpink Mesh
Black Mesh
White Mesh
Brown Mesh
$27 each
Domo Tote
$23 each

Y' 5:21 AM

Hello Kitty Free Size Hoodie
Fits anyone XS-XL
Length: 71 cm
Bust: 160 cm
Sleeve Length: 40 cm
$16 each 2 cappings
$18 without cappings
Hello Kitty Cropped Shirt
$22 each
$20 for 2

Y' 4:22 AM

Back of postcard

Sebastian being chained

Grell & Lao

Sebastian, Ciel, Lao & Mdm Red. x2

Kuroshitsuji Postcards
1 for $3
4 for $10
Sold most of them online, so I'm left with all these.

YSunday, December 19, 2010' 7:49 AM

Clementi/ Jurong East/ Dover: $0.70
Buona Vista - Queenstown: $1
Chinese Garden - Boon Lay: $1.20
Bukit Batok - Yewtee: $2
Harbour Front - Dhoby Ghuat: $4
Dhoby Ghuat - Toa Payoh: $4
Serangoon: $5

Weekdays only
Weekdays/Weekends only
Weekends only

Meetups after 4.30pm @ Clementi/Jurong East/ Dover only

Mrt Network Map: http://www.smrt.com.sg/trains/network_map.asp

Y' 6:29 AM

Read before purchasing!
-Only Meetups are available.

-Please do not go MIA.
-You may backout. (Only applicable to those who bought more than $17 but a fee of $4 will be charged. Can be paid by bank transfer or you can choose to meet me at Clementi Station).
-Payment must be made after 3 days you sent in your orders, if not they will be cancelled.
-Mobile phones are a must.
-Inform me 3 hours before the meetup time if you cannot make it.
-If items have arrived and you want to cancel your order, you have to pay a fee of $2. (Can be paid by bank transfer or you can choose to meet me at Clementi Station)
-Items sold are not refundable or exchangable.
-Meetups' time and venue to my own convenience
-I would not be held responsible to damaged goods
-Collect your items in 1 week time, otherwise it will be added to Instocks
-Be punctual. Be early but never late!
-If our supplier went MIA, I will only return you half the amount you paid.
-Bring the exact amount of money; no change would be given.
-I accept SGD only.
-Meetups after 4.30pm are available only at Clementi, Jurong East and Dover.
-Rude customers will not be entertained
-If the item you ordered is out of stock, you will have to wait, but I will pay you $1 for the inconveniences caused.
-If you have no patience, please do not purchase from me.
-Photos for Instocks would be removed once it's sold.

-Wrong orders will not be entertained, you either accept it or I'll add it to Instocks. No refunds!
-DO NOT spam me with questions like:
When will my items be arriving?
Can you pick up my call?
Please reply me.
Or whatsoever.
Once is enough, I really hate it when people repeat words to me.
-Once you sent in your orders, it means you agree to my T&C.

I won't be blacklisting people though, I will be charging fees of not more than $6.

Little Boss

J; 15
I will not say how many percent trustable I am because that's up to you to decide but I will say I won't cheat your feelings and that's a promise.
Opened on 19/12/10

Hello There, Human!

Order Form

Hello Kitty
Outer Wear





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